7th July 2015

Bivacco Città di Cantù

The works for the preparation of the new hut Città di Cantù are at a end and eventually the structure will be shown the audience in piazza Garibaldi on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015. During these three days, the inhabitants of Cantù will have the possibility to admire the result of the ambitious project. Outcome of the cooperation among CAI Cantù, companies (among them BALDO Industrie Alimentari), professionals and mountaineers, it was built for both a useful and practical aim that is to change the old hut, wrecked most of all because of the break-apart of the ice. After the exhibit the hut will be moved to Santa Caterina Valfurva, then, on 5th August, it will be moved permanently to Giogo Alto, between Zebrù and Ortles, where it will offer comfort and help to all mountain lovers.


2nd February 2015

RIVA 1920 - made in Italy

The event will be hosted in some of the best selling points of Riva 1920 in the North European area. The table Piano Antico, made in Kauri, a thousand-year old wood from the New Zealand with the flat surface drawn by the architect Renzo Piano, will be the protagonist of this traveling exhibit. Around this table, cornerstone of the event, symbol of the dialog and of the luncheon dinners, meeting, presentations, events will be organized cheered by drinks and foods strictly made in Italy, among them Baldo’s cold cuts, prepared and served by Italian chef and personnel. The first stop-over of the kermesse, that will be hold from 19th Februar to 29th March, will be in Vienna, the second in Chemitz in Germany, from 7th April to 14th June. The exhibit will end its tour by going back to Austria in Ebenthal, from 20th June to 30th August.


30th May 2015

Michela Cestari, young fresh chemistry graduate, discovers the passion for the food production in a business company that recognizes her potentiality, makes the new talents grow, and retains their employees so that we can not seldomly see that more members of the same family work in the company.