In 1958 four cousins, Eligio, Carlo, Luigi and Italo, united by the passion for the art of working meats and cold cuts, founded the Salumificio Baldo Giovanni & Nipoti which in 1976 is called Salumificio Baldo. Today BALDO Industrie Alimentari, with the third and fourth generation working in it, grants the qualitative continuity of its products thanks to the professionalism of its employees; a perfect mix between skilled maestri salumieri and young generations to support innovation.


BALDO Industrie Alimentari prepares its specialties with patience and know-how following the best culinary culture of our country by linking tradition and technology, food safety, and constant improvement. The satisfaction of our Customer is both the main aim of our company and our mission. Therefore, all processes in BALDO Industrie Alimentari, from the choice of the raw materials to the processing, curing, and seasoning, aim to have the highest Quality.


BALDO Industrie Alimentari has been exporting not only to the European Union, but also to Argentina, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Russia and United States since 1976 thanks to the authorizations of the particularly strict dispositions of these countries, especially those of the USA.